Aqua Wire Sculpted Heart Pendant Leather Necklace

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Gorgeous handcrafted hammer forged copper heart frame is made out of sturdy copper wire and hangs from a leather necklace. Small turquoise jasper, silver, and crystal beads are wire wrapped on the heart-frame with sterling silver wire. Adjustable necklace length from 18-20 inches

  • Sturdy 14 gauge solid copper wire
  • The width of the heart is about 2 inches
  • The length of the pendant is about 1 3/4 inches
  • 4mm sterling silver beads
  • 4 mm turquoise jasper gemstone beads
  • 4 aqua Swarovski crystals round beads
  • Sterling silver wrapping wire
  • 18 inches 3 black leather cord
  • Handmade sterling silver spiral endcaps
  • 2 inches sterling silver chain extension
  • Necklace length is 18-20 inches
  • Made in the USA - Montana.

Delivery time: Approx 3 to 10 Business Days.