5 Peas In A Pod Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Gemstone Necklace

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Precious 5 peas pod necklaces which are handcrafted with the herringbone wire-wrap technique. Each Peapod is about 1.5- 2.0 inches long . Perfect to hold those special ones close to your heart. These make great gifts for your mom, mother-in-law,  best friend or special friend. Customizable gemstone colors and pea number make it a lovely keepsake. No two necklaces are exactly the same. Each handmade pea pod pendant is made to order and uniquely hand wired here in Montana. 

  • Unique herringbone wire wrap
  • Sterling silver wire and necklace
  • 4 mm gemstone beads 
  • Comfortable size of 1-2 inches
  • Choose from one to 5 peas
  • Gemstone options
  • 3 necklace sizes
  • Made in Montana

Delivery time: Approx 3 to 10 Business Days.