Aqua Hematite Bead Braided Crystal Shank Button Bracelet

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Unique handmade slender braided bracelet with elegant flair. This two colors purple leather and aquamarine waxed corded braided bracelet is alternating a hematite tube bead between the braided section. The beads have a sparkling effect because the beads are braided into the bracelet at alternating an angle. This bracelet closes with an aquamarine crystal button and a beaded loop closure. Bracelet fits up to a 6 1/2 - 7-inch wrist

  • Unique Braided Bead Bracelet Designs
  • 16 mm aquamarine Swarovski crystal Shank Button
  • Beaded loop Closure
  • Slender Elegant Bracelet with band width of  1/4 inch
  • Ultra sturdy braided design
  • Bracelet fits a 6 1/2-7 inch wrist
  • Made in Montana

Delivery time: Approx 3 to 10 Business Days.